One day!

One day the Sun’s gonna scream my name,
Say I know Ray,
She’s a super nova.
One day when I break out on the world stage,
The stars and moon will cheer for this rising star.
One day my star shall rise,
And the darkness around me diminish.
One day, some day soon it will the time for my star to shine
And shine I shall with no apologies.
I stood at the edge of night and day,
Peered into the darkness.
One day the moon is going to bow for me,
The constellations will know.
One day when the weather is right
And the shooting stars are singing,
When the birds of the night are beautiful.
One day the light shall be on me,
One day when the sun shall shine on the work I’ve done.
One day when the tide is right, I shall be a star!
(Morris Kiruga)

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