Goddess, let me love you!


She is a beauty, all dressed in red.
She’s all sleek and beautiful,
And I love her curves,
She makes me think of a typical African woman with curves,
In all the right places.
She doesn’t boast,
She doesn’t have to,
Looking at her you can tell she’s a lady of quality.
I dreamed of her from the first time I saw her,
Dreamt of being with her, making her mine forever.
She was my fantasy, my desire, my obsession.
Like any other man I wanted her to be mine,
Because she is a symbol,
Of passion, excitement and sensual seduction,
She is the ultimate power rush.
She seduces me with her curves and body.
When I look at her I get the feeling,
She wonders am I man enough for her,
Can I tame her?
For she is a goddess,
A being of beauty and elegance,
And I am a mere mortal.
I accept her unspoken challenge,
Knowing that I have just one chance to prove to her,
That I am her man, the only man
who should be allowed to touch her.
I start with foreplay,
Caressing her body just to say hallo,
It’s me, feel my touch, let’s bond.
Then I climb on top of her,
Turn her on, make her mourn.
I love the sound she makes when I make her warm up,
And the way she sounds when she is fully turned on.
Its music to my ears,
As I shift gears and ride, ride her until I am exhausted.
She accepts my touch,
It’s like she knows now she and I belong together.
That adrenaline rush when I ride her,
And the way she mourns for me,
It’s magic, that feeling.
I know she likes me.
She is my love, my lust and my fantasies all rolled into one.
You are a goddess.
You are perfection.
My bike!

For that guy who loves his bike in a way that he cant even love a woman. This one’s for you.

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