Getting out of The MATRIX (KENYA).


I love the Matrix trilogy. It has so many meanings, so many contexts, so many lessons. Every time I watch Matrix I get a light bulb moment. Do you ever get the feeling that we are in the Matrix as Kenyans? Does what Morpheus said make sense that some people would fight to stay in the system, that they would refuse to be unplugged?

I wonder how can we wake people up to realize that we are being lied to? That we need to get out of the Matrix! In the Matrix it was as simple as taking a pill. But in real life the process of becoming aware that we are in the Matrix and need to be unplugged is not that easy. People need to wake up but there is resistance by both the machines (politicians) and the people who provide the energy sources to run the country (the electricity you may say).

My eyes are open and I am grateful. But how can I be happy when millions are blind? Especially when we are on a very fast train which may crash because of unqualified, unprofessional drivers called politicians. If most of the other passengers are blind, and they cant see the danger so they act like its business as usual, how will the ones who can see survive? We will perish also. So we must, (it is our duty and privilege to) ensure that we heal the blind. Then and only then will the train that is our country take us to our destination, our destiny.

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