Why do nice guys finish last?

Most likely true!

I have guy friends who are always complaining that they never get the girl. Some of them are actually starting to believe the hype that nice guys always finish last. It is true nice guys many times finish last but its because they self sabotage themselves. How can a nice guy end up with the girl? Why do bad boys always get the girl? I am not an expert but the other day I was tweeting about it.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash
Many of my nice guy friends seem to have issues with being #friendzone.Ladies how can a guy still be good boy but catch your attention

#NiceGuy if you are not aggressive about talking to a girl you like you will lose out.Bad boys know how to wear out a chicks defenses.

Yenyewe ‏@Yenyewe @potentash Actually the #NiceGuy is the new bad boy.Wearing out defenses gets easier if you don’t come off as a threat.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash If you keep giving a chick gifts,calling her, talking her out but you dont tell her u LIKE her you will lose out. #NiceGuy # Mindreading

He said it!

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash
#NiceGuy dont believe the saying kizuri chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza in love issues.Thats why ur alone & #badboys fight them off #FB

Dont be wishy wishy when asking a girl out. Its irritating. Be confident and show her that you are a man not a boy. #NiceGuy #

Girls like danger thats why they like #BadBoys.Trill of being with a guy who’s unpredictable.Learn how to be nice but unpredictable #NiceGuy

Watch how #badboys talk to girls.They are confident,they know how to make a girl laugh & they know how to be persistant. Learn #NiceGuy
Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash

@yenyewe trick as a #niceguy is to learn how 2 b nice, yet hv elements of being a #BadBoy #BalancingAct Nice & dangerous same time

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash @njooro perfect combination.hybrid of nice guy & bad boy.So your never boring/predictable yet never leave girl in tears

Juliet Maruru ‏@sheblossoms
@potentash the world needs nice guys as well as good men, so if he wants to be a nice guy let him be until he wants to become a good man.

Gitts, The ‏@gitts
@potentash I think a guy thinking a girl will like him because of how nice he is is like a politician thinking a clean record wins

Most likely true!

Some advice about why nice guys finish last and what to do!

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