Dream stealer!


He should know that all that glitters is not gold,
He is blinded,
By what he thinks is love,
But what in reality is lust, mixed with a little crush.
He thinks she is perfect,
Unflawed, an angel would you believe it?

But he’s naïve.
She puts on an act,
She is like a clown,
She got her smile face on,
Painting her face beautiful and sweet,
But she is nothing of the sort,
Underneath the make up,
Lies evil covered with mascara and lipstick.
She lures him like the sirens of old,
As he sails on the ship that leads to his destiny.
She sings him a song,
Numbs his senses and makes him foolish,
Like the sailors of old,
Who jumped to their deaths on hearing the mermaids lullaby.

She is a changing, a mermaid,
Half human, half evil,
Because as she entices him,
She will drown him when he comes too close,
Her aim is to lead him off his course,
And to his death.

She is a dream stealer,
But he is blinded,
He cannot see.
Be careful, young man,
Before she steals your destiny,
Leaves you broken and desolate.
Careful, do not be deceived,
By the Dream Stealer.

Potentash 2012

I have always been fascinated by mermaids. Both good things and bad things have been said about them. In this piece I use them as a symbol of dream stealers. Dream stealers come in the form of enticing or seductive things that aim to derail you from your destiny, from the paths you were meant to take. Their song is seductive and so is looking at them. One must be strong to resist and keep moving, otherwise one will drown and never reach their potential, their destiny, at the end of the journey. Sometimes a dream stealer is a person/s, but sometimes it is objects, fear, or money or even addictions. Be careful that dream stealers don’t steal your dreams.

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