The god of small things!


Some pictures don’t need a frame,
They are already framed now and for eternity in the mind.
Pictures, my memories of you and me,
Flash past in my mind like still pictures set on speed.
My heart loved you not once, or twice, but a million times,
And now it tries to shake you off,
But you are ever present,
Hovering around my heart like a ghost,
That refuses to leave,
I am haunted by the past,
Of you and me.
The emotional high you gave me,
And the emotional low you brought me too.
I laid my heart at your feet,
Like a flower, wanting you to appreciate it,
But in the end you trampled on it,
And now the flagrant flower that was my heart,
Lays crushed on the ground,
Mangled and not beautiful any more.

Time is not my friend,
Both past and present,
For it reminds me of things best forgotten.
I am in the desert,
Like the Israelites were,
Unable to go back to Egypt,
Where they were slaves,
But unable to reach the promised land of Canaan.
I don’t know what the future holds,
But you’re not in it,
And that makes me sadder then I want to admit,

But if I carry the memory of you with me,
I will never leave the desert,
I can’t continue to behave like you’re a god of small things,
Like the idols the Israelites carried with them,
That led to their disobedience and death.
I must leave you behind,
Enter the Promised Land with a clean heart,
But knowing and doing are not mutually exclusive,
So as this images play in my head,
I wish ………………..

But fantasies and reality must part ways,
So I shut this mental picture album,
And put it on the shelf,
Hope it gathers dust,
And maybe one day I will forget I had it.

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