Life has twists and turns, breaking us some times,
It’s not personal its business,
Because that’s the business of life,
To go on and be real.
Life is not a dream,
That we shape the way we want,
It has variables called people,
That change,
Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
They say that only two things are constant in this life,
Death and taxes, and that to some extend is true.
There’s also God the master planner,
The one who created the world,
And placed us here.
The question is why are we here.
Are we just here as passing ships,
Our purpose being pleasure like pleasure cruises,
Or are we meant to be here for a specific purpose,
Something big that will change the world?
What’s your value to the world?
A question you have to ask yourself.
If you were given a gift of a diamond,
Would you throw it away,
Or hide it where it can’t shine,
Because it needs the light to shine.
Why then do you hide or throw away your talents,
Make your gifts; your talents seem like trivial things,
Yet they are as precious as diamonds.
You don’t do the world a favor when your don’t value yourself,
But mostly you devalue yourself.
Rise up,
Shake the dust off your shoes,
It’s time for an attitude adjustment,
Time to show life that you are a champion,
It’s time to step up to the stage of life,
And Sparkle.

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