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Mediabase Productions have been running a campaign for peace known as KEEP THE PEACE through their online video portal This campaign seeks to promote peace in Kenya by use of short videos to send peace messages. To sweeten the deal, the top 3 rated videos will win cash prizes with the winner taking home KES 50,000.

I have been watching some of the films submitted and quality and creativity in some is simply jaw dropping to say the least. Some of the films could be entered in an international short film contest and win! There is an exceptional amount of talent on display in this campaign. From the simple compassionate peace messages to the ‘abstract and creative, you will find over 60 peace messages from all over Kenya.

The comments from Kenyans who have viewed the films capture the mood and the effect some of the films have had.

“Strong message moulded splendidly, easy to understand, and with a passionate intention. This is great. Good work, guys! Kenya needs us.”


“Peace Direct can make a real difference in places where building peace is often painful reality.”

“This Is a commendable piece. It captures the essence of humanity as it spreads the peace gospel. I think we as Kenyans need Minds like these to further educate us on the importance of living peacefully.”

Due to the number of films yet to be submitted, the deadline for has been moved from the 15th to 30th November so that those with pending projects can finish them up. Also, those that have already uploaded films now have a little more time to garner more votes and strengthen their positions.

Kenyans have a responsibility to keep peace, we cannot entrust that job to others and therefore the citizens should engage with each other on this. U Film It provides a unique platform where we can campaign for peace using motion pictures.

It is very easy to join this campaign, all you have to do is record a short film using a camcorder, mobile phone or webcam. Register then upload it to, or to and submit the link. Once your video goes live, invite your friends to watch and vote for it.

Do you have an idea, a concept that you think can make a good film for peace? Then get your camera out and start working on it. Your film might turn out to be the best…..and even if it doesn’t, then you will still have done something you can be proud of to keep peace in our motherland.

U Film It- Keep the Peace Video Contest
Peace through the Screen

Potentash – PS. This is my favourite video

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