Kenyans stop being slaves to your tribes, it just makes your politicians your masters!

Dear politician,
I don’t want another Rwanda,
Where tribe was stronger then reason,
And people died for just belonging to a people.
Your words they are matches,
That you throw to the people,
Right now they are unlight,
But a spark could topple down a kingdom.
You preach tribe instead of peace,
People instead of prosperity,
Yet what you have done for your people,
I do not see.
Your people are clogs,
In your political machinery,
Only to be turned on at election time.
When they are hungry you do not give them food,
When they are thirsty they die asking you for water,
When they are in need, you are in greed,
Stripping them of the little resources that they have.
Yet the people follow you blindly,
Their minds in tribal chains,
Even though they are free.

Kenyans stop being slaves to your tribes, it just makes your politicians your masters!

I don’t understand my Kenya!
How soon do they forget?
How yesterday they cried for peace?
A chance for things to get back to normal.
Now the instigators becomes the heroes,
And the heroes those that preached calm,
Fade into the background.
We need to know our history,
So that we can change our present,
So that we had a different future.
People’s minds are enslaved,
Like the Israelites when they left Egypt and its slavery,
But in the desert heading towards Canaan,
They look back and wish for the worst.
How long will you be in chains Kenya?
How long will you allow yourselves to be blind Kenya?
How long will you die of thirst when the well is within reach?
Kenya how long will you continue to produce slaves,
When the new constitution says that we are Free!
What will it take for you to wake up Kenya,
And break the chains of tribalism?

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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  1. We have to move from the mediocre of our Tribal/Political cohorts and focus on Nation Development through People Oriented Not Personality oriented politics.
    We have to understand the Power of a Kenyan Citizen, who by all means has employed the Politicians.

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