Voting – Why is it important?

Your right to vote is one of the rights that you enjoy as a citizen of your country. Use it responsibly.

In a couple of months Kenya is going to have elections. This time we have new positions that have never been there before like the seats of the Governor and the Senator. We also get a change to choose new members of Parliament and most importantly, a CEO who will be the President of this Country or company depending on how you see this nation. Right now its time for voter registration. There’s an excitement about that with people being urged to go register. But in some quarters there is also apathy about getting a voter’s card.

I think a lot of people, especially youth who voted for the first time, were disappointed after the last election and decided that they will not vote again. After post election, I was one of them. I decided that I will not vote again if that would be the kind of outcome that would result. But over the years I have come to realize that I do my country and my self no favors by refusing to vote.

Some reasons why we need to register to vote and vote as well.

The only way we can change the destiny of our country is by our vote. We can talk and sing, and paint and go for protests but if we don’t vote, we have little chance of changing anything.

• If we don’t vote, we do not have a right to judge the leaders of this country or its policies. If you don’t vote for good leaders you do not have the right of judging bad leaders. If you sit at home watching your country go wrong while you do nothing you have no right to complain.

• Your vote counts. Many people are asking why should I vote? I am only one person. Your vote is important. One vote multiplied by thousands makes a very big difference.

Your right to vote is one of the rights that you enjoy as a citizen of your country. Use it responsibly.

.• As youth this is the time to stand up for what you believe. Its time to show that you are the leader of today not tomorrow. One way of showing this is by voting.

Kenya will be changed by people who believe that change can happen. We have to believe that things do not have to stay at the status quo they are at right now. By voting we change the course of the river that is Kenya. The constitution was a right step in changing the course of our destiny. Yes it is many times being used for selfish ends by politicians but despite that or in spite of that it is changing things.

It is time for us as Kenyans to decide that we have had enough of the same recycled politicians. Its time for us to choose leaders who like us, care about this country and not just about themselves. As we vote, please don’t vote for leaders just because they are from your tribe or because you know them. Please vote for your leaders based on issues, and their track record. The only way to change Kenya is to vote for leaders who have a vision for this country and a development record.

Vote to change the future of your country. Your vote makes a difference!

I registered to vote last week. Have you? Make time to do it if you haven’t. If you have encourage others to do so as well.

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  1. Eric that is true. we have to use our vote as our non violent weapon of change. I dont know if we can do a vote of no confidence for a leader. Some need it, like my MP for westlands who shall not be named but who has done nothing for westlands for all the years he has been an MP.

  2. There is only one way to take charge of our country’s future, and it does not include dying for politicians who care nothing about us by following them religiously, it is by casting the ballot consciously. The major challenge we face in Kenya is the way the political contenders present to us great manifestos whose scripts they abandon once they get into those public offices. I am not well conversant with what the constitution says about incompetent leaders but is it possible for constituents to pass a vote of no confidence for a leader to be bundled out?