Nairobi Half Life! – A poem

Beautiful Nairobi. Photo Credit: Mutua Matheka

Green pastures,
In the City in the Sun,
That’s how I saw them with naive eyes,
Reflections gathered from films,
That made the big city so glamorous.
I had a dream,
That one day I would be a superstar,
I would wow the audience with the mastery of my craft.
Opportunity knocks once,
I answered,
Didn’t count the cost.
Shoulda have heeded my mother’s words,
When she warned about the city.
But scales had I, in my eyes,
Blinded by the hype that I would be a star.

The city is loud, noisy, and confusing,
The first day lost my innocence,
And my luggage.
I used to have principles,
But you cannot live on that
The stomach must feast on food,
And principles cannot buy food.
I lived a double life,
An actor in a drama not of my choosing,
Like Batman with Gotham,
Two faced was I.
But I wasn’t the hero,
The villain was the role cast for me,
Only billionaires can afford to be heroes,
On a full stomach.
By day a darling of the stage,
At night the world of darkness was my stage,
On which I acted my villainy,
A master thief with a touch of madness.
I loved that song Just A Band sang,
Tuko works muzea,
Evacuate kwa area.

Life was bubbly,
I got this! thought I.
Spinning, gambling my life away,
For this high,
Live for today,
For tomorrow we shall play the dice again.
I was untouchable,
Even chance saluted me,
Death watched me from the corner,
Shaking his head in amazement,
And giving me the thumbs up.

Juggling many balls,
It was all bound to end in tragedy,
When it all came tumbling down,
That’s when I realized Nairobi is not your friend.
It’s like a prostitute,
It shows you a great time,
Then robs you blind,
Leaving you with nothing,
But sometimes it leaves you with a present,
A slow lingering death.
Nairobi was the piped piper,
It sang me a good song,
Then when I couldn’t pay for the tune,
It so graciously let me dance to,
It decided to take its pay,
In the only way it knows how,
With my life.
You seduced me,
With a Half life,
So sweet, yet so deadly.
So I ask this question as I take my final bow,
For who knows what this night holds,
Death or freedom
Have we chosen to be the way we are?

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