Master or slave? Kenya’s destiny is in your hands.

Couldn't have put it better myself!

When it comes right down to it, nobody can force you to vote or even register to vote. After all you’re a grown up, 18 and above. But let me give you my 5 bob opinion on the issues.

Kenya’s destiny is in my hands. I can be the master of the ship, steering on the top deck or a slave, chained below rowing. My vote decides where I shall stand or fall.

I am campaigning this election period and my campaign is very selfish. I want a better life for me, and the people I love, which includes and is not limited to my family, friends, workmates, fellow artists, and others. The politicians are campaigning out of greed, as in what is in it for them. I want you to think the same way. What is in it for you? If I elect this politician will my life change or will it be the same old same old.

Because if my politician cares about my country and puts it first he/she will:

Prioritize youth getting skills and employment opportunities both in the formal and informal sector.

Prioritize healthcare. Make sure that every Kenyan has access to affordable healthcare, meaning that even the poorest of the poor should be able to access healthcare free or at a very small fee.

Prioritize security. Right now I don’t feel safe in my own country. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to spend my life worrying about whether the person seated next to me is a gangster or terrorist.

Prioritize cheap and affordable housing for the common mwananchi. We all know the landlords are making money even in the slums. Mortgage rates are going up. As the cost of living goes up so does rent and we all need shelter. So we need housing solutions.

Prioritize agriculture and I am not talking GMO food production. We have so much land but how much is being used to carry out agricultural activities. Why are we importing maize and other things when we have the capacity to grow and export? Why are people starving in Kenya when Rift Valley is a fruit basket?

Prioritize Education. I don’t know about you but this free education initiative was a great idea with bad execution. Anybody who can afford it even the poor are taking their kids to private schools. Why? The teachers are not enough and students are cramped into classes. So they end up learning little because they can’t get personalized attention from the teacher. We know there are fast learners, and slow learners and those who are just special. This situation is not helping any of them.

Prioritize Justice and reconciliation. There have been many injustices done in Kenya. These have scarred this country in such a way that it cannot move forward because it is held back by the burdens of yesterday. We need politicians who are not about covering up injustices and causing strife. We need politicians who understand that justice is important for us to move forward and realize that justice is not enough but that reconciliation must be sought.

So think about that and other issues that are important to you. You need to realize that you cannot leave the future of your country in the hands of a politician who doesn’t care where the ship called Kenya is heading because if it goes wrong they have a first class ticket and they have a helicopter on a landing pad so they can leave any time they want to.

So if you haven’t registered to vote ask yourself is Kenya important to you? If the answer is Yes go get registered. And then vote, because having a voter’s card and not using it is like having a pencil without any material to write or draw on, it’s beautiful but useless.

Couldn’t have put it better myself!
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