Robert Alai prays for the rape of women


Here i was just surfing twitter when I see a tweet by Marcus Olang saying what is wrong with Alai. So I click on the link at the bottom and this is what I see.

So I respond to Robert Alai, no subarus for me.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash
@Robertalai what the hell is wrong with you? how can you say you pray women keep being raped and robbed

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash

@Robertalai Leave aside the fact that I live in Kileleshwa. You are praying for us to be raped & robbed to wake up to security issues

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash

@Robertalai what kind of man prays 4 women to be raped?What kind of man are you?Do you have sisters or a mother?

I am very disturbed by the fact that Robert Alai can put something like that out on social media. For somebody to say that they are praying for a woman to be raped, it doesnt matter where they come from is very wrong. it shows that something is not quite right with that person. I am so mad right now.I think I am going to report that tweet to twitter.I think twitter should block him or something.

I also think that we should show him that we will not stand for that kind of talk. It is not about me coming from Kileleshwa. I would not stand for any man talking like that about any woman, it doesnt matter where she is from, from the slums, uptown, downtown.

Alai needs to think about the consequences of what he says on social media. It says alot about what kind of man he is. He needs to be told that such kind of talk is unacceptable.

“Most men fear getting laughed at or humiliated by a romantic prospect while most women fear rape and death.”
― Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

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  1. Robert since you are praying for women to be raped … Pun intended I hope you will be the first ….. the hells wrong with you

  2. He’s greatly disturbed. This guy has deep unresolved psychological issues. No normal person spews such utter nonsense even under the influence of alcohol. May the Lord deliver him from his psychological issues.

  3. What exaclty is waking up to insecurity? We are all living it! This is a case of classism and sexism of the highest. Shame on him!

  4. May you burn in hell you fool!how do u sleep at night?u make too many haters and u still grow new ones each day!i hope some thug gets to u and rapes you for hoping the worst for us women!

  5. hey this is a sick man how do you pray that even for your worst enemy i hope he gets shagged in the diabz nkt and maybe he is a product of such nkt clearly this is a person with ADHD he should be in a facility getting his meds and group therapy

    • Well that guy is as gay as they come so even if he was shagged in the diabz it wld b fun for him. Lets jus hop he learns a lifes lesson like mayb having his hands n feet cut off mayb he wld learn about the insecurity issues he hopes for others

  6. I didn’t take offense at this at all. I think he meant to deride the passiveness of the people who remain unaware of the insecurity that exists and not that he literally wants this to happen. I think it’s called SATIRE. Apparently, it worked because more people realize how ridiculous it is to remain oblivious or even passive. Hence things like the Popcorn Movement.

    • Oh paleez!
      Terming and excusing the tweet as satire would actually infer that Alai used ridicule, sarcasm, or irony.
      He alluded to neither!

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