Her Last Chance


He sat at the bar deep in contemplation.  He asked for another beer.  He felt so tired.  He thought, ‘it is good I am retiring once I finish this job.  I have been flying for too long!’ Next to him was a bag with arrows.  All the arrows were gone except one.  He thought aloud, “this is my last chance to shoot her.  If it doesn’t work then it will be too bad.”

He got out a device from a sachet with was on the stool near him.  It was an advanced computer, an advanced tablet more complex and with more functions than an IPAD.  It switched itself on at his touch.  He said “show me, Winnie.’’  A picture of a lovely girl came up on the screen.

He shook his head at the picture and asked the bartender for another beer.  The bartender came over with the beer.

 “Today’s your last day.  Ain’t it?” The bartender asked.

 “Yes, it is. I am so glad.  Nowadays they do things differently.  They use the internet to do my job.  I am glad to be retiring!” 

 “Then why do you look so gloomy? I thought you would be celebrating?” 

 He said “I have one last job.  I tried shooting her 4 times and each time it was a disaster.  I have one more chance.  If I don’t get her this time it will be all over for her.  You know we are only allowed to try five times.”

 “Sad affair that is.  Well best of luck mate!” the bartender said.

 He took his sachet, his bag with one arrow and stood up.  He removed some money to pay the bartender.  The bartender shook his head and said: “it’s on the house since it’s your last day.”

 He walked outside and flapped his wings.  He looked behind him as he left.  Olympus looked so beautiful sitting on the clouds, in the early morning light.  He said out loud, “I hope I will not fail you this time.  When I get back I am due for a long holiday.  All the thousands of years I have done this job.  It all comes down to this one. This is her last chance and if it doesn’t work then she will spoil my 100% perfect record.”


Below on the streets, people were walking around, starting their day by getting coffee or having breakfast.  He spotted his victim. Winnie was nicely dressed in a suit and high heels.  She was walking fast, talking into her phone issuing orders.  She had a cup of coffee in one hand, a laptop bag on her shoulder and in the other hand she had two phones.  She was walking so fast she didn’t see a crack on the sidewalk.

He strung the arrow and let it fly towards her.  It was like a bolt.  As it was flying all of a sudden she fell.  Her heel had gotten into the crack and she fell.  Her phones were scattered in different directions.  Then a man who was jogging approached her and helped her up.  Since he was shielding her the arrow hit him instead of her.  He seemed stunned as he looked into Winnie’s face.

 “Hey, are you alright?  You took quite a fall,” He asked.  He picked up her things and gave them to her.

Winnie who was torn between embarrassment and wanting to break down and cry said, “I am ok.  But I think I twisted my ankle.  It’s painful.”

The guy said “Well, what a coincidence. I am a paramedic.  My name is Jake.  Let’s get you to that bench a few steps away then I can look at it.” Jake carried her to the bench.

 Jake put her gently on the bench and examined her ankle.  “It’s swollen.  I think it may be broken from the way your ankle seems to be at an awkward angle.  Let me go get my car.  I live only two minutes from here.  Is that alright?”

 Winnie nodded.

“What are the odds that you would fall and get treated by a medic?  It’s like the universe planned this.  Somebody out there must be looking out for you!” Jake said as looked up from his position where he was kneeling and looked into Winnie’s eyes.  It was like a spark of electricity flowed from Jake to Winnie. Winnie and Jake both smiled at the same time.

 Jake said, “please don’t think it’s a pickup line.  I have never done this before.  But do you believe in love at first sight?”

Winnie said, “I didn’t believe it.  I am a cynic.  But for some reason, I feel this connection with you and we have never met before.  It’s like there’s a spark between us.  Is what I am feeling love at first sight?”

 Jake said “I don’t know but I’d like to find out.  Can I take you out to lunch once you’re done with the hospital?”

 Winnie said enthusiastically, “I would love that!” then she blushed.


Up above Cupid smiled.  His job was done.  He exclaimed loudly, “by the gods I was aiming the arrow at the wrong person!  Winnie was always falling in love with the wrong guy.  That’s why it didn’t work.  Today instead of making her fall in love the arrow hit the perfect guy to make him fall in love with her.  Well, we live and learn.  Good luck Winnie and Jake.  I wish you the best.  As for me, it’s time Cupid hang up his bow.” 


Cupid laughed and flew back to Olympus. As he did he had a thought “who on Olympus decided to help me out? That was too much of a coincidence those two meeting like that!”

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