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All good things must come to an end. I am graduating this Saturday.  We have completed the 9 week program Creative Entreprenuership course  by the GO DOWN ARTS CENTRE. I have learnt alot. This is my profile for my graduation.

I am a Creative with deep roots. Its not what people see that counts, its whats buried deep that counts.
I am a Creative with deep roots. Its not what people see that counts, its whats buried deep that counts. Success to me is making somebody smile when they read my work and impacting knowledge and skills to the community through my writing.

Profile: Rayhab Wangari Gachango DIPM MCIM CHARTERED MARKETER

Occupation:  Writer, poet, teacher, and volunteer.

Sales and Marketing representative for a Kenyan Tobacco Company.



Poetry performance
Poetry performance

poet 3

business woman
Talking to a customer as I sell Silver and African beaded jewelry.


at work
At work


bond girl
Wanna be bond girl

Rayhab Wangari Gachango is a trained Communications Specialist and Chartered Marketer. She is also a writer, a poet, teacher, peer counselor, actor, dancer, and performance artist. She is currently studying for a Masters in Corporate & Development Communication at Daystar University and is in her last semester of course work.

My face is a canvas
My face is a canvas
creative 6
Dancing for kids. I enjoyed myself as you can tell.



Rayhab is a Children & Women’s rights advocate. She does advocacy through writing on issues of peace, gender, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, politics and poverty. She is also referred to as the Kenyan Love Poet because she writes alot on love.

Samples of work

Articles and stories

 My journey as a writer

 Why do I write?

 Harvest of Bitterness

 Karanja and the bullies (published in the Daily Nation)

Love song (An african love story

 What goes around comes around (a tale of love, betrayal and revenge)



Let’s talk about sex

 Love dance

  Alone (published in the first edition of the Young Nation)

 Heartbreak Hotel

 Rayhab has a background in Communication. She has a Diploma in print and electronic media from Daystar University. Her degree is in Advertising with electives in psychology from Daystar University as well.  She has experience in journalism having worked for the student newspaper involvement for 2 years.

Rayhab saw this somewhere in a barbershop and decided that it will be her guiding motto for her writing.

“We are not driven businessmen but driven artists, we never think about money. Beautiful work will automatically make money. We will always do our best, May God do the rest. Amen”

Peter Parker (Spiderman) was told by his uncle “with great power comes great responsibly.” That is what guides her writing. It is also the tagline on her website.

Rayhab is passionate about building the community.  She has been a volunteer – Volunteer Youth Worker for Time For God (TFG UK) in Mansfield, Nottingham, UK.  Jan 03 –Jan 04 where she was developing leadership skills through: mentoring, lectures, developing extra curricular programs for youth, community service and working with young people, doing drama and dance presentations, using PR and Advertising skills- through doing talks on Kenya/ Africa, also raising cultural awareness using audio and visual presentations.     She is also a Rotaract Alumni of Rotaract club of Milimani and  Rotaract club of Nairobi Central (RCNC). She was a Club Service Director (RCNC) at one point and also the Assistant Fund Raising Director (RCNC).

Rayhab has also been a peer counsellor at Daystar University under I Choose Life (ICL) where she facilitated and taught on HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers from all over the world came to work for  one year doing youth work in the UK.
Volunteers from all over the world came to work for one year doing youth work in the UK.
Teaching children is my joy!
Teaching children is my joy!


Rayhab is a member of CIM Kenya (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE).

 Bloggers association

Bloggers Association Awards


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Doing Bob the builder drama

Doing Bob the builder drama
Doing an african dance to entertain youth at a youth camp.
Dancing – entertaining children.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

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