Love’s sweet sorrow!



My love was a poem,
Written just for you.
My love was a smile that lit up my face,
Yet now its the tears that run down my face.
You are my heaven yet my hell.
My love for you is my cross that I must bear,
It wears me down,
With its pain and suffering.
My love, is a weapon,
Used against its owner,
It cuts through my heart,
Leaves me bleeding,
Yet I cant stop,
What I feel.
So daily my emotions batter me,
I am a victim of violence,
As my love for you beats me to the ground,
It wont let me stand,
And I hurt, so so much,
But I cant leave,
Because I cant run from myself.
My love for you is now a curse,
A crown of thorns,
Not the blessing it once was.


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