Why you wanna change me?


You used to love this me,
Told me that it’s because I am unique,
How I wasn’t like everybody else,
That’s what made you notice me.
So like the song says,
“Why do you want to change me,
Flip all the things that really make me,
The “person” I am,
Used to make you happy?”
So why the pressure,
To make me change,
Become something I aint?
If you don’t like what you see,
Let me go,
Don’t try to change me into your version,
Of Hollywood makeover.
I love me, this me,
Comfortable in this skin,
Got my flaws I know,
Working on them every day.
But that’s not even what you trying to change,
You want to change what makes me, me,
The core of me,
My values, my beliefs, my soul.
Take a minute, actually take two,
Think this through,
I aint begging you to stay,
If you cant stand this me,
Make up your mind,
And walk away.
Because you used to love this me,
But now you want to change me,
But I aint moving, because its means losing my core,
So keep it moving,
Because change comes from within,
And I can’t be compelled to change for you.


For anybody’s who has ever been pressured to change to suit somebody else or a group. Don’t change who you are to fit in, it’s alright to stand out. Sometimes in changing we lose who we are, and finding that person that we used to be  again is hard or damn near impossible. So keep being you, keep being you!

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