Mr. Sun goes on holiday!



Mr. Sun has gone on holiday.
It’s December time for his annual vacation.
Mr. Sun’s travel bag is full,
It has a towel, a book to read and shades.
He has gone to the Coast to enjoy the sea.
Mr. Sun wants to hang out at the beach,
Play with the ocean waves,
Watch the children build sand castles,
And swim in the ocean.

The McCloud family has taken over the city in the sun.
They are enjoying themselves,
And causing havoc.
Some clouds are good,
They like to play,
Making it drizzle on Nairobi.

Some clouds are angry,
They are dark and gloomy.
They like to scare little children with thunderstorms and lighting.
They like to make it rain hard,
So that the children can’t play outside,
And that is so sad,
Because the children are on holiday too.

Cheer up children,
The McCloud’s family is important too,
The rain they pour is drank by the plants, animals and people too,
We all need water to survive.
We need to drink alot of water you know.
So stay warm children,
So that you do not catch a cold.
Cheer up,
For Mr. Sun will soon come back from his holiday,
Then we can go out and play yeah!

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