My heart belongs to God!


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After heartbreak that kind of squeezed the life out of me, like lemons are to make lemonade, I realized life has thrown me many lemons, and I am tired of lemonade, it just gives me ulcers.

I read this somewhere, it’s true for me now because I ain’t settling

“When life gives you lemons, throw it back and demand chocolates.


That’s me right now.

 So as another friend said

“Don’t ask me for my heart for I already loved the Lord with all my heart. 

As for you I’ll love you as I love myself.”

I’m looking to love, a pure and deep love.  A love that sees my perfections not imperfections.  A love that wishes only the best for me.  A love that’s 100%.  That’s why I am looking to love myself first.  I want my love for me to be very real; I want to fall deep in love with myself.  So that if I love myself so much I wont be willing to settle for somebody who loves me less then that.  

I don’t want no degrees of love, so when you come looking for me, best have your heart on deposit with God, so that when you write me a love cheque from his bank I know it wont bounce and that its guaranteed by God that your feelings are real.  I am looking for a love affair that’s eternal, like the one I have with God.

 So God take my heart, hold it in the palm of your hands.  Heal my heart and make it whole.  Hide it then so that whoever seeks it must first come through you and if you think the person is the right one then you can give it to them.  Because my heart’s not mine to give, I already gave it to you and you’re the only one who can give it away.


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