Horror story – choose your option


“@MindbIowingFact: World’s shortest horror story consists of only two sentences. “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door”!”

The man must have been:


Thankful somebody else survived! But maybe it was just an psychopath with a chain saw who wanted to be the only man left on earth.


Wondering if the aliens have come to get him, cut him into little pieces and eat him!


Wondering if the aliens have come to get him, to study him to see why he was the only human to survive!


Wondering if the landlord had survived and come to pick up his rent which he hadnt paid for all those years he had thought that he was the only one to survive!


wondering if his wife had come back from the dead. that woman was too bothersome to know her place and remain dead.


Wondering if there was a beautiful woman outside waiting for him, asking him to come outside. Then when he did turned into a vampire and sucked out all his blood.


wondering if all the other people who had been turned into zombies had come finally to get him and turn him into one of them!

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