Fallen angel



They say “he’s a sellout”
As they sneer.
Yet they too were once like him,
But fell off the pedestal.
He was a good man once,
Wanted to save the world,
And had the zeal to do so.

heart for the world

His inner good shone so bright,
But he made them,
The others uncomfortable,
They didn’t want to be reminded of goodness,
Of what it meant to love the world,
And wish the best for it,
Instead of what was best for self.
So they plotted his downfall,
Looked for the chinks in his armor,
Found them,
They brought him to be his knees,
Broke him, his spirit,
And he gave up his path of goodness,
Slipped into the darkness,
Into the filth where all the others danced in glee.
He closed his eyes and heart to the good,
Because everybody hates a do gooder,

flower angel
He became a fallen rose,
Its beauty marred forever,
Never to give its beautiful flagrance to the world.
A fallen angel.

In life there are always those who will never love the fact that you do good. They plot your downfall. Rise above it. We are all flawed, not perfect. We are all diamonds that can shine but at the same time we are all flowers, so fragile. Guard your heart, and your goodness. They may mock you, make fun of you, and try to take you down. Keep holding on. If you fall, get up and keep walking. This world needs its angels. Keep moving, letting your inner light make the world shine. Make the world smile with you.

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