Star crossed lovers



Legend has it the sun and the moon were gods. The sun was in charge of making sure that the day had light and the moon was supposed to light the darkness together with the stars who were her friends. The moon was beautiful, very beautiful. The sun fell in love with her. The moon also fell in love with the sun. They loved each other so much that they started neglecting their jobs. The sun would spend time with the moon during the night and the night would be bright as day. Then the moon would sometimes visit the sun during the day then there would be complete darkness during the night.

The people petitioned the gods to intervene. The king of the gods Zeus decided to permanently separate the two lovers. They were forbidden from seeing each other. The sun would work during the day and go one way and the moon would come to shine from a different way and shine throughout the night with her friends the stars. The two lovers seldom meet but when they do they share a forbidden kiss. (Rayhab)


Star crossed lovers – the poem the sun tells the moon when they meet.

I am the sun,
Let me be your man,
Let me light you up,
Show off your beauty,
Pale beautiful moon.
You are beautiful,
I love your figure,
All round.
I want you to be my queen,
Let me be your king,
Let me heat you up,
I want to make you go up in flames,
Come let me show you desire,
Share a kiss.
Our love is forbidden,
By the gods,
But our love’s too strong for us,
To be separated.
By the pull of the moon,
I am your slave,
You make me weak,
And I burn for you alone,
By day I sigh,
Longing for a glimpse of you,
Although you are lost to me.
As I leave the day
To let in the night,
I think of you,
Long for a glimpse of you,
As you light the dark.
Pale moon,
You are so beautiful,
I envy the stars because they get to be in your presence,
We are star crossed lovers,
Loving each other from a distance,
I want you, and you want me,
But loving each other,
From a distance.
This is my confession,
I am the sun,
But I burn for only you,
The beautiful full moon.



I have always loved the full moon. It’s beautiful and romantic as well. I thought what if the moon had a love story. What would it be like? the logical choice for a love story would be the sun. And they are star crossed lovers. Hope you enjoyed the short story and poem. Let me know what you think of the story.

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