What is sexy to you?



What is sexy to you? That’s a good question right there. There are so many definitions of what sexy is. We are constantly trying to decide how sexy we should be or trying to judge others for what we think is their blatant attempt to make themselves look sexy . Right now some female tv anchors are facing alot of heat about what they wear doing the news. But who decides what is sexy. Or is it that sexy is as sexy does? Who determines what sexy is? Is it the Fashion Police? Is it the fashion industry? Is it the coolest people? Who determines what sexy is and should you let that definition define you?

I came across this article on The Daily Love which is a daily blog on love yesterday. It made so much sense. I thought I should share it.  Here are two snippets!

Sexy is who you are BEING. It is not something you DO. The more connected you are to your true Self, the sexier you will become and the more alive you will feel. It’s about how you feel about yourself. Then your soul shines so brightly through you that you radiate the force of your Spirit.

Real sexy is being connected to your soul and living boldly.
Real sexy is accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are.
Real sexy is being fully self expressed.
Real sexy is living your heart and generosity of spirit.
Real sexy is daring to speak and live your truth as honestly as possible.
Real sexy is being willing to live with an open heart and be vulnerable with those you love.
Real sexy is not taking yourself too seriously or life for that matter.
Real sexy is when you live fully in the present moment.
Real sexy is when you are living for a purpose bigger than yourself.

Read the article here What is sexy to you?  It is a great read.


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