Cupid proof!



She wears her heart inside a bullet proof vest,

Doesn’t want cupid’s arrow to hit her when she’s unaware.

She’s been there, struck by cupid’s arrow.

Love blew her mind at the time,

It was the ultimate drug,


And the most potent aphrodisiac.

She loved being in love,

It made her feel so alive.

She was happy,

Walking on air as it were.

When the scandalous storm blew in,

Blowing off the top off her love nest,

No one was more shocked then she.

She thought their love nest was secure,

But apparently her lover had other nests elsewhere,

So he didn’t bother to loveproof their house too much.

So she got soaking wet with tears,

Decided never again so she built herself an impenetrable castle.

She put pick up lines proof glass on her house,

Put electric fences to keep out intruders,

Put a trespassers will be shot sign,


And they were,

She had such a lethal tongue it was a dangerous weapon.

She hurt many a man with her words,


They had to crawl off wounded after an encounter with her.
She gathered a group similar to herself,

They were her guard dogs;
they would shred a man to pieces with a look or a sharp word.

So she lives in a fortified castle,

Of her own making,

Afraid of what’s out there in the darkness,

The heartbreaking thief called Love!

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