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As an artistic person I love colour.  I fell in love with Crown paints at a young age because of their iconic advert If you like it crown it.  It was a beautiful advert, the use of colour and classical music intrigued me.  Here it is If you like it crown it. Then later on they brought the I see colours which I also loved. But there is something about first love that can’t quite be replaced so the first advert, the advert I associate with my childhood is still my favorite.

So the other day when I saw Crown Paints were doing something on peace which is something I am passionate about I was curious.  The campaign is known as Uniting Colours of Kenya campaign.  It’s a campaign to promote peace in our local communities.  The aim is to persuade people to creatively promote peace.

The launch was done on the 4th of February at in Kibera, at Undugu Primary School football ground.  Crown Paints sponsored a wall where young children, students and community representatives were painting peace messages.

crown it


A snippet from their press release says

“Crown Paints Kenya Ltd encourages people to upload original and the most creative pictures, videos, messages and quotes possible promoting peace in your community on our built platform – to encourage Kenyans to spread the peace message amongst ourselves.  You can do this on the website www.crownpaints.co.ke/unitingcoloursofkenya”

There’s a chance for you to spread the message of peace and also to paint the town red with some cash prizes that Crown Paints is offering.  Each day, Crown Paints will give away Ksh. 1000 worth of airtime as a reward to the most creative upload.  The entry will also automatically qualify for the grand draw.  The final winner will get Ksh. 100,000.  First runners up will receive Ksh. 70,000 and Ksh. 40,000 for the second runners up.  What’s more, the most creative messages will be printed on giveaway T-shirts.  Now how’s that for a sweet deal?


The team from Crown Paints, will vet 4 or 5 among the best peace posts and share them on Facebook, where they will let people vote for the most creative message and reward them.

Hang out with Crown Kenya on their social media pages and check out what others have put up (check up on the competition) and also encourage your friends to join as well.  Click here to see their Facebook page , and  also to follow them on Twitter.

I believe media is powerful.  It can leave images, music, or memories that are stick with you for so many years.  That advert for Crown Paints still remains in my mind since childhood.  Here is a chance for you to create a message that will live beyond just today in the minds of Kenyans and that will have a positive impact.  So share the peace and get ready to be smiling all the way to the bank.  As the advert says if you like it, Crown it!


 “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”  – Albert Einstein


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