Perhaps – David Asonga

I wrote you a ballad
And hoped you’d read it
Wondering what you’d think of it.

I wrote you a symphony
And hoped you’d sing it
As I wondered if you’d like it.


I sang you a song
and hoped you’d listen to it
as I wondered if you’d enjoy it.

I thought of you every night
And prayed you’d be safe
But wondered if you did the same
For me at least.

many things
I wanted to say the words
But couldn’t mouth them
Because my heart skipped a beat
And my courage was eclipsed.

Perhaps I was afraid
Afraid I would succeed
Or afraid I would fail,
Just perhaps.

i want

©davyvivaldi 2012

i wish

Check out Davy’s work at Vivaldi. I love his poetry. I hope you will too.

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