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The presidential debate

Last week there was so much going on politically. There was the presidential debate which was quite interesting even though I thought it was a political exercise. It was interesting the way Muite managed to use the law to get him and Dida to be part of the debate. Dida for me was the star of it. He was an honest, funny breath of fresh air. Maybe politicians need to be told not to take themselves too seriously and enjoy themselves once in a while. It may help us see their human side and make us like them more.

Kibaki’s wardrobe malfulction

Anyway the point of this post was two things I noticed last week. One was the incident when the commander in chief had a wardrobe malfunction. The first tweet I saw about it was @archermishale on twitter taking about it but he said he would not post the link, that whoever wants it should look for it themselves. I really didn’t get what he was taking about until later on when the issue became the hot topic on social media and the video was everywhere. I still haven’t seen the video but I don’t want to watch it either.

I am concerned about people who gleefully spread the video or retweeted the video or put it on their websites. First of all where is your decency? Let me ask would you want your parents or grandparents if they had an incident like that to have their video all over. I think people have stopped respecting older people and that is just a reflection. I don’t know what has happened to people’s manners. It’s just the way nowadays people will not stand up for pregnant women, women with small children, the disabled, or the elderly. Where did our manners go?

Second thing about that issue if you shared that video do you have any idea what you did to Kenya’s image? Its one thing to make fun of the president. We all do that sometimes. But by putting up that video you make the president and Kenya to look bad. It may not hit you that the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces, president of the republic of Kenya etc etc but seriously that is something you should have thought about. That is the kind of thing even the gutter press in developed countries wouldn’t show in their country. There are some things that are sacred and are a shame to a nation to broadcast. So why did you do it? Honestly these kinds of things are the type of issues that make the government decide that it needs to have a very close eye on social media. It is true that we have freedom of expression but that does not mean we should abuse it. Some things like wardrobe malfunctions can happen but it is important to use wisdom when deciding what to share on social media.

Jimnah Mbaru

I heard on the grapevine of the 48 matatus some news about Jimnah Mbaru that was disturbing. Apparently he went to mathare and after touring the slum removed his shoes before entering his car and being driven off, leaving his dirty shoes behind. I don’t know how true it is but from other sources it seems to be true. I was shocked. I tweeted about it and then somebody told me that when he had visited a slum I don’t know which one he held his nose so that he would not smell the foul air. I don’t know who Jimnah’s handlers are but I think they need to have a talk with him. That’s the elitist kind of thing that will cost him all his votes. Besides which it is matharau to do that, if you have decided to go to somewhere please be respectful of the people. That kind of thing breeds contempt from the people there because they see that you think you’re above them.

Maybe that’s why when he was at Mukuru (not sure but I think it was the one) the other day he and his entourage were chased away in their cars by rowdy youths who support Waititu all the way to cabanas. I want to vote for Jimnah. Actually coincidentally that Saturday that I tweeted about the issue I meet Jimnah and his team in Gikomba going to campaign. They were very friendly and greeting people. I actually got to shake his hand and his running mate’s as well and told them I would vote for them. But I don’t know whether I still want to vote for a Jimnah who treats some constituents like they are beneath him. I am sure it wasn’t intentional; it’s probably been years since he has entered a slum, if he ever has or a dirty market. But he needs to learn to blend in. something Waititu and Sonko as well do with such ease. He will not win votes or hearts with an attitude like that.

As you go about your business of the day remember to keep the peace and encourage others to do so as well. My Kenya, My Country, My home.

peace 1

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  1. On Obak’s falling trousers: You seem to be advocating sycophancy dressed up as respect and patriotism. The president is different from the presidency. To ridicule politicians, no matter how ancient or (self) important,is not the same thing as insulting the country. To show up their failings, no matter how trivial or embarrassing, is not either.

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