Baby blues part 2



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Seven years ago Daniel married Maggie. His father Kamau was not convinced that Maggie wasn’t a gold digger. He made Daniel a pre-nup to give Maggie. In it the terms were clear. If Daniel divorced Maggie she would get nothing of Daniel’s. If they had children she would get money to support the children. Maggie would get one million shillings for her trouble of being married to Daniel. In the case that they remained married and Daniel died she would get his wealth which apart from the family fortune he had a business and property worth around 20 million at that time. He was the only son so he also stood to inherit from his father.

Maggie had signed the document. After all it meant nothing. She was just surprised that Daniel was that rich. She was in love with Daniel not his money. And she never thought that they would get divorced. They were in love and it had been Daniel who pursued her not the other way round.

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Now Maggie had gotten used to having money. But that wasn’t what made her decide to kill Daniel. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing very expensive treatment which Daniel was paying for. If Daniel left her he would stop paying the bills. Then there was the fact that even the shamba which she had worked so hard for was in Daniel’s name, it was not in their joint names. She was doing horticulture and it was finally making money. She did not have savings. All the money she had made she used to put back into her joint account with Daniel, pay the workers, and sort out the house bills. Daniel never gave her any money because she had money coming from the farm.

These were the thoughts that were in her mind when her sister suggested the idea. Mary had always been the bad apple while Maggie had been the good girl. Mary had married a friend of Daniel’s not out of love but because she didn’t want to be poor anymore. She had transformed herself into a very classy woman. To look and talk to her you would never have known that she grew up in a slum. Her husband was not wealthy as such but he had money which he never spent on Mary. For him Mary was a trophy wife who was supposed to make him look good. He paid for her clothes, and everything that she needed to maintain his standards but he did not give her spending money. He was really tight fisted. He had made Mary sign a pre-nup. She actually got nothing if she divorced her husband. The only way she would have security is if she had children because they were to be provided for incase she got divorced.

So the poison arrow met the broken heart. Maggie was heartbroken. She had thought she and Daniel had the fairytale marriage apart from the lack of children. She had asked Daniel several times about the issue of kids. He had said quote “I love you. If we can’t have children then I will be content to be with just you! After all it’s not your fault we can’t have children!” that’s what had always comforted her. That even if she and Daniel couldn’t get children they would be together.

Mary asked her “do you know who the woman is? Is it somebody we know?”

Maggie said “yes!” she didn’t really want to talk about it. She was still in shock that Daniel had cheated on her.

Mary asked, “Who is it?”

“It is Daniel’s PA Judy! Said Maggie.

Mary exclaimed “that bitch!”

Mary and Maggie sat there contemplating the idea. In the last one year Daniel had been traveling a lot both locally and internationally. Usually Maggie went with him but she had been really busy with the farm. Daniel had said that she should concentrate on the farm he would go on his own. He would go with his PA. Maggie never thought about it. She trusted Daniel.

“So what am I going to do?” asked Maggie.

Mary replied “the first thing is to pretend that you’re pregnant. It will make Daniel come back home.”

Maggie asked “how can I prove to Daniel I am pregnant and I am not.”

“That’s the easy part. Go to the chemist and bring me two pregnancy tests. I will just pee on them and they will turn positive. You can show that to Daniel. Problem solved!” her pregnant sister said.

p g test

Maggie went to the chemist and got the pregnancy tests and brought them back.

“I can’t keep pretending forever. At some point I will have to go see a doctor. What will I do then?” asked Maggie.

Mary said “I have a solution to your problems but you may not like it!”

Maggie “what is it?”

“You need to kill Daniel!” said Mary.

“What!!!!! Are you insane? Why would I want to kill Daniel?” asked Maggie in shock.

Mary explained. “Daniel cheated on you. His mistress says she is having his baby. We both know she is trapping Daniel but that baby can’t be his. You have been trying for 7 years after all then suddenly out of the blues his mistress is pregnant and your not. He is the one who had the problem and if suddenly his sperms have started working you would have gotten pregnant. So know you will have a lot to deal with. Daniel will leave you for Judy and then …”

Mary continued “if Daniel dies you inherit everything. If Daniel divorces you, you get nothing. That bitch Judy will get everything when she marries Daniel. Everything you have worked hard for including that shamba. Is that what you want?

Maggie said “no. that’s not what I want! But murder? I still love Daniel even though he cheated on me. It’s probably the first time. Judy seduced him I am sure of it!”

Mary said “no its not. I didn’t want to cause you unnecessary pain but Daniel has been cheating on you for years.”

Maggie exclaimed “what. Why haven’t you told me?”

“I thought you knew but you were just ignoring it. Many men do it including my husband!” Mary said bitterly.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. I could have gotten a disease or something from Daniel” Maggie said.

Mary kept quiet. Maggie and Mary sat there in silence drinking their tea. After half an hour Mary left. As she drove home in her Mercedes the anger, pain, and humiliation of knowing that Daniel had been cheating for a long time weighed on her mind. And the thought that Mary had planted stuck in her mind. “Should I kill Daniel? How can I do it? Can I do it? What if I get caught?

When she reached home she called Daniel and told him she had important news to share. When he told her he had a meeting with his boys she got mad. All along he has been telling me he is going to hang out with his friends but that’s when he goes to meet his girlfriends. With that hate in her heart the idea of murder started to seem very attractive.

The question is could she kill Daniel without getting caught?


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