I have moved!



It seems after dropping hints for a month, many people didn’t seem to have realized I was changing jobs. After 6 years of selling cigarettes I have moved on to do something I really love, communication. God has really come through for me this year. THANK YOU GOD.

moved too

I have started my new Job. I am working for a global  travel company Uniglobe Northline Travel as a communications officer.  Great offers coming up. I am still getting the hang of the website but in the meantime find their great offers on facebook and engage with us (me) on twitter. Let me do my job for a minute and ask you to like us on fb and follow us on twitter.

Yes, that’s why I have been abit quiet the last couple of days with no posts. So much to do but I am enjoying myself. I also lost one of my grandfather’s last week  so its taken time to find my rhythm again.

Don’t worry I won’t be neglecting my website. By tomorrow I should be up and running again. After all I owe you a story Baby blues part 3.  Part 1 and 2 are  here That post expect it on Monday I promise.  Seems people are doing flashbacks. Here’s my first ever post from my old blog (mummy misses you). It’s called secret masks. Enjoy.

Remember to keep the peace.

keep calm kenya

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