baby blues 3

Woman Looking in Mirror --- Image by © Christopher Weidlich/Corbis

Woman Looking in Mirror

Baby blues part 1 and 2


3 days later

Maggie sat infront of the mirror in her room. She looked at herself critically. She was still beautiful at 30. She actually looked 25. She had good genes. Her hair though needed a trip to the salon. Her nails and feet too. She had been spending so much time at the shamba she had forgotten about going for her weekly treatments. Since the shamba had become her baby she had spent most of her time there.

Maggie had just come from using her computer. She had searched the term why do men cheat? She wanted to understand why Daniel cheated on her? Many articles suggested that some times men cheated because their women let themselves go and were no longer attractive. It was true that lately she had been neglecting her hair and body abit but she was still beautiful. She hadn’t gotten fat. All that time she spent running around making sure the shamba workers were doing the right thing and going to meet clients for her horticultural products had kept her fit.

Maggie took out her phone and booked appointments at the salon for the whole day. She was going to make her hair, get a manicure and pedicure, get waxed, and then get a whole body massage. She needed the massage most of all. She needed to relax and think. Despite what Daniel had done she was still in love with him. She still couldn’t believe that he had done this to her.

When Maggie met Daniel as he came to pick his nephew she had been a virgin at 23. She had been waiting for the right guy. She planned to give up her virginity to the man that she married. Very old fashioned. Her sister Mary on the other hand had given away her virginity like 20 men ago and she was only 18. Her sister liked the good life and she went out with guys who she thought would give her what she wanted, money, clothes, phones, and the good things.

Daniel had pursued Maggie. He thought she was beautiful and he wanted her. Maggie refused to go out with him and so he persisted. She thought he was all wrong for her because of the kind of family background he came from and thought he will use me, but won’t marry him. Eventually after being asked out countless times she agreed to go out for coffee with him. He took her to an expensive restaurant and tried to woo her. Despite the fact that she knew what he wanted, she had a great time. Daniel was a very funny guy and he made her laugh.

The next time he asked her out she said no. he asked her why. She told him pointblank that there was no future. She was the type of girl who was looking for a man to marry, and she was waiting for marriage to have sex. “Daniel I know what you want. But I am not that kind of girl. Thanks for taking me out. I think its best that you stop trying to go out with me”

Daniel asked her. “What do I want?”

Maggie replied “to take me to bed and then move on to the next conquest”
Daniel said “Maggie while it is true that I want to sleep with you, what makes you think I want to go on the next conquest”

Maggie “I know men. And I am not the kind of girl a man like you marries. Well let me tell you Daniel I am a virgin. And I plan to stay that way until the day I get married!”

Daniel was shocked. He had thought that Maggie was … well never mind what he thought. At 28 he had been around the world, seen many girls, and had very many relationships. But there was something about Maggie. Despite the fact that she had refused to go out with him many times he kept asking. After all mwanaume ni effort! He had not gotten to where he was by taking no for an answer. He left Maggie and went home.

2 weeks later Daniel was back. He had been trying to forget Maggie but he had been unable to. He loved everything about her, her smile, the way she looked after the children, her confidence and he was also sort of blown away that she was untouched. He came to school after classes and waited for her at the gate. Maggie saw his Mercedes as she was leaving. She thought she had gotten rid of Daniel. Her heart skipped a beat though when she say him. She really liked Daniel although she knew that they weren’t suited. She had missed his company and him pursuing her. Despite herself she had gotten a crush on Daniel.

Daniel came out of the car and stood outside waiting for her. He smiled when he saw her. When she reached him he asked her to enter the car for a few minutes they talk. When she got in, she saw some flowers in a pot and chocolates at the back.

Daniel saw her looking and said “those are for you. I remembered that you told me you don’t like cut flowers. That you like flowers when they are still growing”

Maggie blushed. Daniel had been listening when she talked about the things she loved.

Daniel said, Maggie I like you a lot. I know that I want to make love to you but that’s not the only thing I like about you. I have realized that I really really like you. I promise to respect the fact that you want to remain a virgin. That doesn’t mean that we can’t go out. Let’s see how things work out.”

That’s how it started. Daniel wooed Maggie. After spending time together they fell in love and 8 months later they were married. So Daniel did get to have Maggie in his bed. Maggie had thought she was the only one sharing his bed but apparently his PA was also sharing his bed. Maggie couldn’t believe Daniel could do this to her.

Maggie loved Daniel and despite what Mary the master schemer said she didn’t want to kill Daniel.

What should she do? She had told Daniel she was pregnant and she wasn’t. She was between a rock and a hard place. It’s ironical that a child brought them together and a child would separate them, either by death or divorce or rather infidelity.

Maggie looked into the mirror and asked “what options do I have?”

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