Launch of the Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector




I went for the L’Oreal East Africa launch for Garnier Miracle Skin perfector today. I had a great time and the make over What! It was fantastic. I like the new Garnier Miracle skin perfector. What I like about it is that it is so easy to apply; it is effortless which works for me because I don’t like to spend hours in front of the mirror. I didn’t know that L’Oreal now owns Body Shop one of my favourite brands. Now I know. Some of their brands are here.

Caroline Mutoko talked about Kenyan women being lazy about looking good. I would want to disagree but it’s true. We are lazy about looking good. I am one of those people she was describing when she said you can know when some people are going for a special occasion. If she had taken a roll call my hand would have been up. The thing is I want to look good but I don’t want to spend hours doing it.

The great thing about the BB cream is that it

  • Evens tone and boosts glow
  • It blurs imperfections
  • Smoothes fine lines
  • 24 hour hydration
  • SPF 15 UV protection.

What I loved about it was it gave me a glow. It felt like my normal lotion. It’s not heavy on the skin, or sticky. I will be talking about this product as I use it. I want to try and use it every day and see how it works for me day to day. I got a full make over and I looked good. I am waiting for the pictures and when I get them I will put them up for y’all to see.

Here are a few tweets about the launch.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 24m
Thank you L’Oreal for hosting us. I had a great time, met old friends, made new ones and then I feel like Cinderella @ilovebbke #FB

. Kagonya 🙂 ‏@Kay_sum 1h
Lovely evening with beautiful ladies, and gents with @ilovebbke #ilovebbke

Malowa Oduol ‏@Malowa_Oduol 1h
Curious, would you use a 5-in-1 product? Moisturiser, foundation and SPF?? @iloveBBKe

Malowa Oduol ‏@Malowa_Oduol 1h
I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it – Marilyn Monroe. The @iloveBBKe event espouses this. #Beauty #Power

 Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 1h
I love BB. I look good. Total make over. Can’t wait for pictures to come out @ilovebbke #FB

African Woman Kenya ‏@AfricanWomanKE 1h
Partying like dignified ladies – and still looking beautiful. #BeautifulLadies Cc: @iloveBBKE

Malowa Oduol ‏@Malowa_Oduol 2h
I know! Can’t wait for the #bodyshop RT @LuluKimbio: Awesome event @ilovebbke loving everything. Kudos!

Olive Gachara ‏@olivegachara 2h
#FabulousFemales getting their make up done at the @iloveBBKE Garnier Launch cc: @KenyanStylista

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
Kenya is the second country in Africa to get BB. Can’t wait to try it. To see if it meets the hype @ilovebbke #FB

African Woman Kenya ‏@AfricanWomanKE 3h
AW ladies @olivegachara and @Malowa_Oduol at the @iloveBBKE launch. Yey to more lovely #Loreal products in Kenya.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
Ruth Mwangangi talks about Garnier. BB means blemish balm @ilovebbke #FB

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
Ruth Mwangangi talks about Garnier. Women want products that make women look good now. @ilovebbke #FB

Kagonya 🙂 ‏@Kay_sum 3h
All about make up #ilovebbke @ilovebbke

  Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
Kenyan women are lazy; they don’t bother to look good every day. Women need to look good every day. #CarolineMutoko @ilovebbke #FB

Rayhab Potentash Gachango on FB
Patricia, Ithau L’Oreal East Africa is now talking about current trends, health, premium experience, experiential pleisure, individual expression, blurring gender, make a difference and multi – tasking.

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
Patricia the General Manager, L’Oreal talks about the company @iloveBBKE

Rayhab Gachango ‏@potentash 3h
At the Beauty insiders launch. The L’Oreal way. Caroline Mutoko is the MC, looking beautiful in red. @iloveBBKE


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