Why do guys like bad girls?


bad girl

Nice guys keep complaining about being #friendzoned. A couple of friends of mine and I have been writing a series about Nice guy vs Bad Boy and why girls like bad boys. There is something about bad boys that makes girls go crazy.

The thing is it’s not only good girls who go for bad boys. Guys, nice guys and bad boys like bad girls too. Why? Because bad girls are exciting and they are also likely to give the guy sex without many preconditions and contracts that a nice girl asks for before giving it up. I bet you most guys got their first sexual experience from a bad girl.

So why do guys like bad girls? Check out these articles about Bad girl versus nice girl. Bad Girls vs. Good Girls and 8 reasons why boys like dating bad girls.

So nice guys stop whining! Nice girls don’t have it easy either! It seems once you go bad you never go back! How true is that? A discussion for another day.

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