Mr. Politician tired of your ndrama!


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Mr politician

I was being abit optimist in thinking that this year I was getting rid of the rubbish that was in parliament. I thought let us remove all the non performing MP’s and especially the ones who were asking for salary increases. I thought that things would be different.

It has become clear to me that the more things change the more things change. I am mad again. You have barely started your job and you have already asked for a salary increment. When you realize that the boss who your employer has put over you to make sure the company’s interests (Kenya) are protected will not listen to your demands, you have decided to remove them.

Mr. politician I am tired. I am still trying to recover from the debacle of the election. Going through that election and the aftermath drained me. Our nation is still divided over the presidential election. But guess what we are all united in saying that you shouldn’t get higher salaries. I guess you haven’t done economics, maybe you need to do an economics 101 course. Devolution is very expensive and we don’t have money for higher salaries. In fact as President Uhuru said the current wage bill is not sustainable.

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FYI I don’t care how much you spend to campaign. That is not my business. I just started a new job too. I didn’t ask my employer to pay for all the photocopies, credit, printing and other miscellaneous things I spent trying to get a job. Ask anybody who has a job or is looking for a job, its an expensive venture. It’s painful, demotivating, expensive and a thankless job. But when you do get the job you are thankful. And you don’t start bitching to your employer that you want to earn what the previous person in that position earned. What you do is you sit down, work your ass off, make the company look good, and make the company get a profit based on the team effort of you and your colleagues. Then when you have performed very well over a period of time and your company’s profits have gone up you ask for a pay rise. The company will seriously consider your offer.


The thing is right now our company Kenya is broke, not just broke but in debt. It will probably need to lay off employees and is right now in the process of restructuring departments. You cannot come in and start asking for bonuses or salary increases. You were brought in to fix a problem not create a problem. So this is my advise to you. Sit your ass down and get to work. There is no money to pay you now. Stop being a cry baby and get over the fact that you are not being paid what you want to be paid. Reality check 99% of Kenyans working a salary or earning a wage aren’t earning what they would like to earn. So your not alone in that boat.


Otherwise do the sensible thing and resign. There are so many people willing to step into those shoes. Go look for another job that pays you what you think you deserve. If not shut up and get to work.


A concerned citizen.

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