Return to sender


return to sender

Got your letter,

Didn’t know if I should open it,

The girl you wrote to,

She no longer lives here,

She went away and hasn’t returned.

The girl who lives here,

Isn’t that kind, sweet, trusting girl,

That used to love you.

So you say you still love her,

And that she’s the love of your life.

That girl the one that used to love you,

She doesn’t care no more,

You broke her heart,

Now there’s no compassion inside to give you.

Love don’t live here no more,

And no you can’t be friends,

Because you lied,

And she cried,

So now you’re even.

This letter addressed to that girl,

Whose heart left on a heartbreak journey,

Will never be here again to answer your letter,

To read your sweet words,

And take them to heart.

So it’s hard to say,

I am sorry dear sir,

But this letter I must return to sender,

Because this girl, she’s a stranger,

Same name, same features,

But a different person,

And this girl she doesn’t know you or love you.

The girl who did didn’t leave no forwarding address,

She’s gone forever,

She isn’t ever coming back.

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