Reply to BS article – the mind of a Kenyan child.


I am one of those people who is really hard to annoy. But when I do I get PISSED off. That’s what this post The mind of A Kenyan child did. I got so so mad.

Dear Brittany.

Let’s start with a very obvious statement. You are a racist, white lady trying to hide behind a blogpost pretending to be looking at a Kenyan child objectively. I am offended by your post. One because everything you have written is pure bullshit. Second I am Kenyan. Third how do you as a woman from America or wherever you are from presume to understand the mind of a Kenyan child which is what your title was? Have you been studying Kenyan children as a psychologist or have you been studying them the way scientists study animals?

I have many white friends. They are great people. I have alot of respect for them as individuals. I judge people not by the colour of their skin or culture but by the person that they are. But then there’s you. Clearly we are not friends, probably couldn’t be with the kind of racist comments you write. I know you were probably trying to write a humorous post and it may be amusing to your friends who have never been here but its offense to me and other Kenyans as well because the article is pure bullshit. You and your kind are the ones who make Africa still look like the Dark Continent. Clearly you need a lesson or two about the people you are taking about. Let’s go over your points one by one.

The Mind of a Kenyan Child
Posted by Brittany Nycole

• A white person sighting can make or break a day – They don’t have names they are ALL called MAZUNGU!!!

Mzungu means white person so probably if a kid doesn’t know your name they may call you that. For your information (Sorry to bust your bubble) a child’s day doesn’t revolve around a white person. Seriously get over your god complex already. You are not a god, you are not that relevant.

• Snow kills
Excuse me we do not have snow in Kenya except on the mountains. So for a child to think that snow kills they must have seen it in a guess what, a white movie.

• A monkey is King Kong.

Really. Kenyan children know better. That is so trashy I don’t know who believes that. An African child saw a monkey way before you! In fact which Kenyan child watches the king Kong movie? Infact out of your igonarance, your kid is likely the one that thinks a monkey is King Kong.

• An Asian man/or woman is Jackie Chan.
Really. Where do you get these ideas? I won’t even justify an answer for this one.

A white man with a beard is Jesus.
Maybe it’s because in all the movies the children have seen Jesus is white with a beard. Have you heard of the term association? Look it up.

• Another black person is a brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt or uncle. End of story.
Really. Maybe if you took time, clearly you havent, to understand African culture you would know that you call an older person uncle or auntie. It is a sign of respect. And no my nephew who is 7 does not call all the other kids in the neigbourhood brother or sister.

• America is rich and everyone has a HUGE fancy house – With a private jet. And a horse.
Really? My nephew who is seven can tell you that is crap. Maybe I should introduce him to you, let him take you to school.

• In matatus or buses one is not eligible for one’s own seat until they are in their teens, so quick! Take the strange white girls lap before another kid/ or chicken gets it!
I shall not answer this comment. Please go find out why children sit on their parent’s laps. Underline children.

• Clothes are optional
Clearly for this post intelligent thinking or observation is optional. I have never and I am Kenyan seen children running around with no clothes. At the most I have seen some running around in their underwear, which I have also seen white kids doing. So clearly clothes are optional where you come from too.
Even the street children in Kenya are dressed. Get your facts right. Please google Kenyan child right now. Do you see any without clothes apart from the one in a bathtub.

• If you haven’t had worms yet, you haven’t lived
This is the kind of bullshit that pisses me off. Let’s take my nephew again. He has never had worms. That’s because he takes something called wait for it dewormer. Some children especially in the slums may get worms because of the environment that they live in. that doesn’t mean every child has had worms. I have never had worms and I am a grown up. Get your facts right.

• A boob is food, even if it’s not your mother’s.
Really. That is really BS statement even from you.

• Slamming your head against a wall, being hit by a friend or having a fever of 103 is not a valid reason to cry. Being asked to bathe is.
I will not dignify that comment with any answer.

• Going through a white person’s trash can yield new and exciting toys
So basically what you’re saying is that all Kenyan children are beggars and love going through other people’s trash. Really. My nephew doesn’t even go through our trash. He has enough toys. I don’t know any of my friends’ kids who go through trash to look for toys. Oh by the way I have white friends. My nephew has better things to do then look through their trash.

• Why look when you could STARE?
What would you do if you met a person who behaves so strangely? Your probably comic relief for them.

• OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well people love Obama you can’t argue with that. And that is why America chose him.

• The best way to insult a friend is to make fun of the shape of his/her head.
Really. You need to learn some Kiswahili then you will learn how Kenyan children really diss each other. Unlike white children who prey on size 12 and 14 children by calling them fat!!! And the bullying that goes on in your schools until some children even commit suicide.

• Adult supervision? Never heard of it.
Really. In African culture children belong to the community. So you may not see a child’s parents when a child is playing but there is always somebody watching out for the child. I have not heard of a Kenyan kid going around shooting his classmates, teachers, parents!!! Who is not being supervised now??

• Yelling is the only way to talk to a peer.
Really. Maybe the kids you saw were arguing about something. Our kids are allowed to argue or is that a privilege of white children.

• Whispering is the only way to talk to an adult.
Kids have been taught to talk to adults’ respectfully. Unlike white children who shout at their parents.

• Not a single item of clothing, no matter how pink and sparkly, is gender specific (….but why would you wear clothes anyway? Fool).
The kids you saw probably have donated clothes so they don’t have options as to which colours they could choose. Ps my nephew has never worn pink in his life.

It’s ok to relieve oneself…anywhere.
Really. Did you see kids in the city doing that? Then there would be poop everywhere wouldn’t there?

• Running with a tire and a stick can lead to hours of entertainment such is true with playing with sharp knives and irritating animals.
Really. You went to a community outside Nairobi and decided that what they do is true for all children. I see. I should go visit rednecks in America and assume everybody is a hick like them.
My nephew has never played with a tire. He is the type who hangs out with my laptop and watches movies, takes my phone to play games and whose idea of fun is to ride his bike or watch cartoons on TV. Sorry to bust your bubble.

I on the other hand did get a chance to pay with a tire. It was part of other games that I played. And it was fun. Yet I still rode a bike. Played with dolls. Watched TV. Went to the mall. Things that white kids do.

I have never herded cows or gone to the river to fetch water. There are some children who have had to do that but not every child goes through that experience. My mother would never let me play with a sharp knife. My nephew is not allowed to use sharp knives, leave alone play with them. I can’t think any mother in the world who would allow their children to play with a sharp knife, it doesn’t matter how poor they are. Unless they are training their child to be an assassin from the time they are a child.

America=UK=the Netherlands=Germany=CANDY!!
Really? You’re a Popsicle. That makes sense to me after reading this post.

Seriously you seem to think you know things about the Kenyan child. You know NOTHING. Come and I will teach you for free. Call me.

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  1. Wow. You are a racist. I don’t care how many white friends you have, you are a racist.

    Responding to a racist blog post by writing your own, equally racist article is no way to handle the situation.

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