Crumbling sandcastles!


I muse over this nothing,
That was once something.
Love that gripped my heart and dreams,
A heart that dreamt of years together,
Us loving each over when we were old and grey,
old couple
This body holding and bearing your children,
Dreaming of the things that we would do together,
How our love would never die.
But I stand, staring at the embers,
Of the love hut we once built together,
It has all gone down in smoke,
There is nothing left to show,
I struggle to remember,
Why I loved you.
Our love was like a dream, sweet,
Then turned into a nightmare,
Now I remain awake,
For I can’t go back to sleep,
I would have to face it all again,
How my castles came crashing down,
You fell from your pedestal,
And I realized you were a frog masquerading as a prince.
frog prince 2

I don’t know if I am strong enough,
To smile and pretend that I got it all together,
I am healed, but walking wounded,
Broken by nothing that once meant something.
love 2

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  1. Nice. Did you mean walking wounded or waking wounded? Just asking because the common expression is walking wounded so wanted to be sure it was not an oversight.

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