Heartbroken By Cara Abbate



It’s not often I get a comment on my blog that’s a poem. I had written a post called getting over heartbreak and this reader happened to find it when googling heartbreak. I read this and was very touched. I decided to put it up because I believe expression is part of healing.

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From Cara Abbate

Hello! I read your post “Getting Over Heartbreak” from Sept. 2012 on The Greatrnk’s site which I found while doing a google search on “how to get over heartbreak”. I loved your article (and now love your Blog!) It was really helpful. It compelled me to write my pain down which resulted in the following (and it DID help):

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The pain of infidelity:
My world came crashing down on me.
All my dreams were shattered.
My grief is destroying my life.
I am totally, completely devastated.
Emotional abuse…
Verbal abuse…

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I have died inside.
I have been rocked, beaten, betrayed,
Bludgeoned, belittled, and broken to my core.
I am soul-less – my light,
My flame, my essence has been smote.
My self, my soul has been dealt
A lethal blow.
The person I was, the “me” who I
And others knew was killed by infidelity.
I don’t know who I am anymore.
I am lost and alone…broken.

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