What is the Open Government Partnership #OGP?


open government partnerships


Last week I attended the Open Government Africa Regional meeting in Mombasa. I and two other bloggers from Bloggers Association of Kenya were sponsored to cover the event by HIVOS . For more information on what OGP is about check out the links in the article.

I am still trying to compress what I learnt into one or two blogposts. There is a Open Government Partnership a presenter, Paul Maassen kindly sent to me which basically explains what the OGP is about. It gives some insights into what OGP is and hopes to achieve Here are other links as well.

Day one of the Open Government Partnership Regional Meeting.
More stories on the OGP

An article by Fellow Blogger Shitemi on Access to Information


Another fellow blogger Dennis Mbuvi also did a post

We managed to interview some of the panelists and I will also share what they discussed.

A closing remark by Bitange Ndemo struck me as ingenious. We should rebrand OGP as Uwazi at the grassroots. It is the word for openess and it would be well understood as opposed to OGP.


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