Where love doesn’t grow!


flowers 2
One day love may grow here,
Spring up like a garden of flowers,
Impress the world with its beauty and scent.
But not today,
This ground is choked up,
Waterlogged with unshed tears,
That makes this soil too marshy.
Then there’s the weeds that grow,
Tall like hyacinth,
That chokes anything that tries to grow.

Only time can revert this barren land,
To the fertile, rich soil it once was.
If you’re an amateur,
Trying to grow love for the first time or second time,
Warning you will get burned!
You got to have experience as a patient farmer,
To try to grow anything here.
This land is not for sale or rent,

not for sale
Not for development,
Beware of any conmen, who try to give you a deal,
That a deal can be made,
To purchase this land.
This land can’t be bought,
It must be given freely.
Unfortunately the title history is mucky,
It’s previous owner still wants it,
But it’s been forcibly taken away,
So there is drama in love court,
Over whom it belongs to.
But once it’s free,
This loveland isn’t just going to just anybody,
You need to show that you can manage this land,
Because though it’s given freely,
It is priceless.
So amateurs and professional farmers not allowed,
Just one special farmer who falls in love with this land,
Who is willing to invest time and energy,
To make love grow,
And bring this land back to life.

flowers 1


two young people at the valentines flower near the window

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