Fairy tale gone wrong!



I never wanted this,
To be broken,
To hate love,
Yet love love,
I am a paradox in feelings.
You broke something inside me,
That can’t just seem to be fixed.
I don’t want heartbreak,
But I can’t do love,
You cured me of that.
I take two steps forward,
Then three back.
Pain is my pillow,
Heartbreak my bed.

sleeping beauty
I am Sleeping Beauty,
Cant seem to get up.
Thing is I don’t know if a prince exists,
Whose kiss can break this curse!
So I remain Cinderella,

black cinderalla
Waiting for my prince,
To realize that the glass slipper,
That’s in his heart,
Belongs to me.
Am I a fairy tale gone right,
Or will I be shrek tale gone wrong?
Only time will tell.

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