Empowering All Women


women emp
The women of today are empowered enough not to rely on men for their financial needs. In fact, studies have shown that women are more likely to dominate male-inclined professions in the next ten years. This is not to foster an antagonistic rift between the sexes, merely to reiterate that the ladies have come a long way from that time when their only role is confined to being wed and bearing children. It is an ideal day and age for the women of today, who no longer have to compete in order to gain respect as a person. Females are now fierce, and are comfortable in their own skin—not dictated by standards set by media influences such as the magazines like the infamous Cosmopolitan.

Sadly, though, even if the majority of the women in the world is on their way to self-actualization, there are still some who are left behind. Whether they chose to stay in abusive relationships, meager roles in society, or just refuse to optimize their maximum potential, these ladies need a wake-up call. All of us need to move forward, onward to empowerment, and it’s important to at least start small. Advances in technology should be taken advantage of too; browse the internet for possible avenues of learning. Example, the news website BBC offers free foreign language courses such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese and Greek. Who says you have to go to university in order to get educated?


If you’re one of those women who only get fulfilled when they’re needed, another thing to do is to get involved with a noble cause. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or spectacular; volunteering every weekend at your local animal shelter or community nursing home will make a big difference. Further, your compassion and caring nature will be essential for emotional growth.

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