Here come the Fat bloggers!


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Puff Daddy sang more money more problems. Aint that the truth. Two years ago I wrote a post called here comes the bloggers talking about how people assume all we do all day is blog and we don’t have jobs and stuff. Well the situation has changed. Recognition about the role of bloggers has grown and so have the invitations to go blog about events.

This has brought about another problem. The continuing evolution of fat bloggers. Let me explain. Now the significance of bloggers has become apparent. So you find on any given evening there is an event that bloggers are invited to. These events have fattening food and drinks. Then some well known bloggers “blogger bigwigs” you could call them are invited to many events every week. Now this is all fun and games for the bloggers, until you start getting fat.

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The nature of the writer is that you sit for vast amounts of time. And when you are known you don’t go out chasing events to blog about they call you. So you end up getting little exercise, sit hunched up infront of your computer blogging and tweeting, eating some crisps or drinking some soda and pow wow your waistline starts increasing horizontally as your fame increases vertically.


This Saturday I tried out a trouser I hadn’t worn for three months. It was tight, and refused to zip. So I decided to button it and then hold my breath to zip it. My button popped out. That’s when I knew this is serious. I have given myself this week to indulge in anything I want to eat. Next week I am starting bloggerpossible.

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I need to lose weight so I will start my own ten week program to lose weight. Because in two years time I will have BIG problems if I am not careful. I was laughing with a couple of bloggers last week about how guys are getting fat on food we are eating at events .Maybe during that ten weeks a gym that is sympathetic to bloggers will decide to let me use their gym then I can blog about them. Holding my breath for that one as I try to fit into my other trousers.




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  1. Don’t I know it. My problem is more compounded because my Day Job happens in my home office. I’ve had to install a strict yoga regimen and when I reached a plateau I adopted two very active dogs that need daily walks twice a day.

  2. Hehehe. Our community (of bloggers) is being targeted. But you are right, bloggers need to check their food intake at events or better yet, join a gym.

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