Starting over!


starting over

Heartbreak is over, now what?

Are you ready to date?

What lessons have you learnt from heartbreak?

Did the relationship teach you something about love? About what you will accept or not accept again?

There are those articles that you read and you are like wow I really identify with this post. I love Thought Catalogue. The writers there often echo thoughts that I have in my head but I am not quite courageous to write. Or sometimes they write something before I think of writing it.

Today I read this in an article. The beginning caught my eye.

I was young. In the beginning, I was very young, and maybe not ready to understand what a “healthy” relationship should entail. Everyone warned me, and tried to make me cautious of what I was about to embark on for the next couple of years. “A man who didn’t commit to someone they were with for several years? You should really consider what you’re getting yourself into.” I decided to give you a chance because A. I liked you, and B. I generally try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe I was just naïve.

Here is the article thanks for dating me I am getting married to someone else now.


I am hoping one day that may be my story. Well if that’s in God’s will for my life. I identified with some parts of the story and the struggles. I could see myself standing in her shoes at some point. I think I have learnt the lessons I needed to learn. I have made mistakes which hopefully I shall not repeat again.

Here’s to one day writing that article about how Cinderella got her groove back. Here’s to starting over!



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