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When love hurts
No matter how much you try to smile
No matter how hard you try to hide it
The void will always be there
Your chest tightens so hard you can’t breathe
You feel like she is turning the knife over and over…and over again
And sometimes you wish you could die
Or be as cold as stone so as not to feel a thing

Very wise of you to build a wall
Because that is the only way to be safe from heartbreaks
Being indifferent helps too
Hell, once bitten twice shy

Been there done that…
I cried myself to sleep so many cold dreary nights
I could literary feel my heart break beyond repair
I embraced solitude and was so alone
And was wary of any human connection

Then I realized that with love you have to take chances
Sometimes it cripples you
Sometimes it feels so damn good
All you have to do is close your eyes and take a leap
I hope and pray that when you finally get over your fears
You will find someone who will love you with all her being…
I know I would.

Bonuke Brenda

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