funeral for my heart

Today I put on a black veil
And joined the rest of the mourners
As we followed the hearse to the cemetery
All I could think of was why did you leave so soon?

Tell me; couldn’t heaven just give me more time?
You never even said goodbye…
What about all the plans we had made?
How do you expect me to survive without you?
I can’t do this, I can’t say goodbye…not to you

I know it was never easy
I know we went through so much pain and heartbreaks
I know you had had enough of disappointments
I know you wished you could turn into stone
So as not to feel a thing

I am so sorry for letting you down
I could see you were hurting
But I was naive and stupid to think things will be better
You fought a good fight but one can only bear so much

It was an open casket
A funeral for my heart


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