Always Platinum!



There is something about the word platinum that says high quality

Like platinum rings?

Or an artist whose music has reached multi platinum status you know that their album is really good.

What about platinum MasterCard?

Well now add another awesome product to that list!

Always Platinum

P & G have introduced a new fabulous brand of Always. It is called Always Platinum. The packaging is a lovely purple. Purple is the colour of royalty, did you know that?

I got a couple of packages last week to try. I sambazad them to my friends and family to sample and tell me what they thought of the product. I have to say the feedback was very good. I was told that they are very comfortable. You even forget that you are wearing a pad.

I had been given the regular Always and the new Always Platinum. Yesterday I asked my sister to buy some thick mango juice and we carried out an experiment. I decided to try an experiment like the ones they show on TV. But instead of using blue ink and inferior pads I used the regular Always and the Always Platinum. We poured some juice on the pads and I checked on them this morning. The Always Platinum still had that fresh smell and it had absorbed the moisture very well. When I held the pad to my skin it was very dry. The normal Always had absorbed the moisture as well but I couldn’t quite catch that fresh smell that lingered on the Always Platinum.

I can confidently say that Always Platinum is a game changer in the market. It is so comfortable – it has a silky upper layer, a lovely lacy design, it has fantastic moisture absorption that turns moisture into gel and prevents leakages, and it has a great smell which is also odor neutralising, that is not too strong. You can be as comfortable in the office, as you would be at home or in the club or at the gym wearing Always Platinum.

A platinum statue of a woman
A platinum statue of a woman relaxing

You can bet that this product will not have an advertisement of dancing schoolgirls (I hope). Always premium is for a woman who demand great quality and is ready to pay for it. You pay abit more then what you would pay for the normal Always that you usually use but you know that you are worth it. It is in the supermarkets now.



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