Celebs team up to help community


I love it when celebrities use their fame and money for a good cause.

Like George Clooney!

But don’t get me started on that issue.

Anyway back home some celebrities are doing some great stuff for the community.

Francis Amisi aka Frasha of P-Unit has pledged to set up a physiotherapy unit for the Meru School for the Mentally Handicapped and Autistic children in partnership with the Safaricom Foundation. He, together with other Niko na Safaricom Live artistes P-Unit, Kidum, Gloria Muliro, Daddy Owen, Eric Omondi, Kaytrixx and Octopizzo joined the Safaricom Foundation at the school over the weekend where they donated Kshs.380,000 to fund a water heating system.


I found out that Frasha previously worked at the Aga Khan Hospital for 8 years as a physiotherapist before joining music on a full time basis. Wow. Dreams do come true if you are patient.


The Safaricom Foundation has had a five-year partnership with the institution having donated money for the school’s bus as well as for the construction of the perimeter wall. Speaking during the event, Safaricom Foundation Trustee Ms Janice Mwendameru highlighted the need to focus more attention on addressing the various complex challenges facing the upbringing of children with special needs.

The school’s headmistress, Ms Irene Mmbijiwe thanked the visitors and recounted how vulnerable kids would wander off into the nearby town and forest before the fence was built. “Majority of our time was spent looking for lost children and one of them was gone for a month before we could find him, nowadays we can concentrate on teaching them the things that you and I take for granted,” said Ms.Mmbijiwe.

“These are beautiful children who have a bright future ahead of them if well taken care of,” she said. “Issues such as scarce resources, inadequate facilities and few teachers are some of those that need to be urgently addressed so as to ensure that as many children with special needs as possible are retained in school.”


We need more Kenyans and more Kenyan celebrities at that to do more good for the society. There is a saying it is more of a blessing to give then to receive. Good work Frasha and Safaricom Foundation.


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