Fake It Till You Make It!


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Are you faking it until you make it?

The mantra nowadays seems to be fake it until you make it. So people live in houses they can’t afford. Or buy cars which they can’t afford to fuel. Or they drink and party in places they can’t afford on their salaries. But it’s all good right. In order to get into the right circles and know the right people you have to fake it until you make it.

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I have a lawyer friend who drives a Toyota. But when he is going to see a rich client he rents out a Mercedes. And he told me lawyers in the city do it all the time. So he will win clients because they know that he is doing well. After all he is driving a Mercedes right.

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Sometimes I think we are trying to keep up with the Joneses, trying to live a life like the one our neighbor is living or even better. We want to show that we have arrived. That we have made it. What does it matter if the landlord is always chasing us for money that we owe for rent? Or that our electricity is always being cut off for none payment of bills and we have to ask the caretaker to reconnect for us the electricity after the KPLC guys have left (true story- a neighbor in the previous house we lived in was always been cut for water and electricity. And his kids went to some of the best private schools in Nairobi). How many people have taken loans from the bank to buy a car and had to sell it because they couldn’t fuel it or they had to turn it into a taxi to recover the money spent on it?

So many are living fake lives trying to be something they are not, hoping that they will become that thing that they are faking that they are but what if they don’t. Now long can you fake it until you make it?

I read this article today called fake it until you make it. It talked about this lady called Anita who resigned after faking that she had gotten a new job. She wanted her employer to hike her salary so that she could stay. Sadly it backfired on her. That article is what inspired me today. The questions she asked were

Do you fake
→your values, authenticity, talents and skills?
→your job, salary, what you can afford
→your emotions, compliments and the way you articulate
→who you are

Good questions. Are you as fake as your weave or your car key with a BMW or Mercedes logo?

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Please read the article here and answer the questions for yourself .

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