These Streets Remind Me Of Quicksand!





Musyioki checked the gun and put it on the table. The others were already getting their things together. They were ready to leave for the mission. The time was around 9 pm. It was quite dark but the moon was out. The plan was the same. They had done this operation so many times they didn’t bother to go over the plan anymore. Today the action was in Runda.

The four of them entered a white Toyota. Musyioki drove out of the compound. They made their way to Muthaiga. On the way, they encountered a roadblock. They stopped when they were flagged down and exchange a few words with the police.

Just before the Village Market they parked their car and waited. Their target, John was in the village market drinking himself silly. They had gotten a tip that there was a big deal that had come through so he was flush with cash.

When John came out driving his Range Rover, Musyioki tailed him for a bit. Then he passed John and speed off.  Musyioki went through the barrier to get into Runda. The watchmen knew them; they had seen them there before so they didn’t ask questions.


They left the car outside a compound about 5 minutes away from where they were going. Then they walked to the gate of John’s house. They hid in the grass and shrubbery. They put on woollen black masks with holes for eyes. When John came to his gate and hooted, Musyioki and his friends came out and ambushed him. They showed him the guns.

“We will not shot unless we have to. Don’t make us shoot you! If you yell, scream or do something funny you will bite the bullet. Do you understand?” Musyioki asked.

John nodded. They entered his car, took his wallet and phones. One of them remained outside to keep guard.

“Na usipress hio button kwa gari ya kualert polisi. Sisi si wajinga usitutharau. Tumesoma sana”

The watchman opened the gate.  Juma, one of them was left outside and he hit the watchman with the butt of his gun and. The guard dropped to the ground unconscious. John and the rest drove down the long driveway. John packed the car and they all got out. John opened the door with a passcode and they entered the house.

“We want the money you got today for your containers from Mombasa?” Musyioki said.

“Pesa haijaingia. The money was supposed to come out today. It hasn’t come out,” John said.

Musyioki put on a harsh tone, “Wewe! You think we are children that you can cheat. We know the money came in today and how much it was. You either give us the money or we go upstairs and kill your lovely family one by one.” Musyioki hit John in the stomach and told him “ show us where the money is!”

John sobered up. He took them downstairs to the gym.  He opened a safe set in the wall using a combination. Inside there were brand new notes in thousands of batches of 100,000. There were also some dollars. Musyioki and friends took all of them and counted them. There was a total of 5 million shillings minus the dollars. They put them into a black bag.

They tied John up with rope and put a sock in his mouth. Then they locked the door and left him in the darkness. They went towards the gate and flashed a signal.  Juma opened the gate and they all left.  They went to their car and drove off.

“Another successful robbery. This is going to be a good month” they all laughed.

They drove to the barrier on the other side of Runda. As the barrier was being raised Musyioki told the guard “Habari ya askari”

“Nikopoa boss.” The guard replied. Then he asked, “leo hakuna pesa ya chai kuna baridi?”

Musyioki laughed and removed two hundred shillings from his pocket. He gave it to the guard.

“Asante boss.  Patrol ilikuwa poa?” the guard said.

Musyioki said “Runda iko quiet. No issues. Watcha turudi kwa station! Kesho basi!” He said as they drove off. The guard waved them off and went back to listening to the radio.

The guard as he went back to his little wooden hut at the barrier thought “I wish all cops were as nice as those that come here on patrol!”

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