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John’s life had been spiraling in a downward direction, pressure on the job. He had a lot on his plate, did his best to strike a balance between life, love, family and play.

The attempts at making things work just seemed not to work, for one reason or another. For every good day, there were a few bad days which just seemed to undo all the progress John and Babe (his girlfriend) made.

Frustration was creeping in, and eventually Babe broke the news to him one day, ” I’m leaving you”, she said. John seemed fine with that, telling her that he understood he reasons for leaving and that he would be her friend.

Reality set in a few days later, the pain of separation too much for John to bear. He lashed out at her, forgetting that she was hurting too, his comments inflicting pain on her. Feeling like his world was caving in, feeling like there was nothing to live for, he contemplated taking his life.

He actually set out to do so, heading to the local supermarket, buying a quality rope, getting back home and preparing himself to do the deed. Suicide note prepared, belongings all neatly arranged in the anticipation of being found, he proceeded to the shower, rope in tow. Put it around his neck, connected it to the shower, and prepared to depart this universe.


His life flashed before him, and at the end of it all he realized it just wasn’t worth it. No matter how bad things were, this break up shouldn’t have got to him to the point of ending his life. How was he going to handle things moving forward? How would the people around him handle what he was about to share with them?

He told Babe, and she was like, ” That was immature and stupid. ” She was right. John accepted that. He also asked if they stood a chance of getting back together, to which Babe responded that all hope of their ever getting back disappeared the moment he attempted to take his life.

Here he was, in a heap, thinking, maybe he deserved all that was going his way, the rope wasn’t too far away and he again thought of just finishing off what he set out to do. He lashed out at Babe again but pulled back, and offered his apologies, all in the quest to make peace, to be right with the woman who brought him so much happiness in the days since he had met her. Well, she took his apology with a pinch of salt, telling him his words had no value.

What was next for John? He made the step of cutting off all contact with Babe, but he is still cut up. He has cut off communication with people around him, he has become introverted and nobody knows what became of the rope. If it is still in his possession, if he is still acting the way he is, there is reason for concern….

Somebody needs to save John before he implodes…

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Michael Kwambo is a retired rugby player. He started out at Impala before moving to KCB. He currently is the Media & Communications Manager at the Kenya Rugby Union, and is in his spare time a writer, poet and singer.